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Electronic Timesheets

Easy to use, intelligent, and functional best describes Zambion.com™'s timesheets. Like all of the information in Zambion.com™, timesheets are available online for up to 7 years providing a rich and accurate account of working history. Furthermore, Zambion.com™'s timesheets are very transparent with all timesheet related allowances, shift loadings, overtime and so on clearly visible. Moreover Zambion.com™ timesheets are easy to use. Staff in most cases just need to enter in their start and finishing times. If rosters are used then you can set Zambion.com™ to use the roster timeshets as the default. Whatsmore, if timeclocks are used then the start and finish times are automatcally populated meaning staff do not need to manually enter times or even access their timesheets.


Timesheet Features at a Glance

  • Real-time Award Interpretation
  • Multi-tier Approval Process
  • Cost Coding
  • Multiple States / Countries
  • Timesheet vs Roster Variances
  • Automated Shift Loadings
  • Multiple Awards on a Single Timesheet
  • Multiple Roles / Multiple Rates
  • Leave Management
  • Automatic Handling of Daylight Saving
  • Automated / Manual Allowances
  • Easy to use




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