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Zambion.com™ is people management software with powerful and intelligent payroll software capabilies. From electronic timesheets to PAYROLL. From roster creation to leave management. A fully compliant, all encompassing software solution that is totally scalable and cost effective.

Payroll Software Features at a Glance

  • Document/Contract management
  • Expense claims
  • Electronic Direct Crediting to all major NZ Banks
  • Unlimited departments, branches, regions, countries
  • Cross reporting between countries and departments
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Cross-hire between companies
  • Backpay Calculator
  • KiwiSaver Compliance
  • Multiple pay points
  • One-off special pays
  • Automated IRD Reporting
  • Time clocks (Optional)
  • Import and export facilities
  • Costing reports
  • Local support
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More Information on Payroll Software...

Please scroll down to learn how Zambion.com™’s can benefit your business or click on one of the below sub-headings to navigate directly to the area of interest.

Integrated Solution Visibility Compliance
KiwiSaver Compliance Reporting Leave Management
Annual Leave Accrual Custom Leave Types

Additional Payroll Software Features...

  • Multi-company processing
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Web technology
  • Secure Full Strength SSL encryption
  • Access to 7 years of history online
  • Multilingual (supports multiple languages)
  • Simple to use
  • Minimal data entry
  • Payroll can be outsourced or processed in-house

Integrated Payroll Software Solution

Zambion.com™ is an integrated software solution. This means that numerous reports can be produced that combine the various areas of Zambion.com™ such as Timesheets, Payroll, HRM, and Rosters. Being and integrated single solution you only need to deal with one company for support and legislative payroll questions. [Top]

Zambion Visibility

Zambion Roster Zambion.com™ offers unparalleled visibility across multiple departments, physical branches and even multiple countries. You can access Zambion.com™ via the internet from anywhere in the world. In terms of control, Managers can be given customisable access to and authority over multiple areas of an organisation. Finally, reporting through Zambion.com™’s use of a single database means integrated reporting between Payroll and Time & Attendance is standard functionality. Rich reporting can include elements of both payroll and rosters as an example that would not be available from standalone payroll with an interface to separate roster software. [Top]

Zambion Compliance

Zambion.com™ solutions are fully compliant with the New Zealand

Inland Revenue Department (IRD). In fact Zambion.com™ was the first organisation in New Zealand to become PAYE Intermediary Accredited by IRD. This means Zambion.com™ can offer you more than most other service providers in that we can give you the option of managing your own compliance reporting with IRD or we can manage the reporting for you. [Top]

Kiwi Saver / Payroll Software

KiwiSaver is now a standard part of the New Zealand payroll software landscape. Zambion.com™ makes KiwiSaver management easy whether Auto Enrolling, Opting Out or setting up a Contribution Holiday through the use of fully customisable employee extended details. It's as simple as the click of a button. [Top]

Payroll Software Compliance Reporting

Zambion.com™ can be configured to automatically generate the appropriate half monthly and end of month reporting depending on the size of the enterprise. This can include IRD Reporting; IR346, IR348 and KSD as well as generation of the same files that can be filed electronically with IRD and your Department of Statistics reporting as examples. [Top]

Payroll Software and Leave Management

Payroll Software Leave Calendar New Zealand has some of the most complex leave management legislation in the world. Between the provisions of The Holidays Act 2003 and The Parental Entitlements and Employment Protection Act where do you start? Quite simply you don’t need to, you can leave the compliance to Zambion.com™ and get on with doing what you do best. Rate calculation; whether it is a daily relevant rate for Sick Leave or a Statutory Holiday, the greater of Average and Ordinary rates for Annual Leave or any other rate calculation, in Zambion.com™ via advanced award interpretation, rate calculation is fully automated. No longer is it reliant on the person processing the payroll or the Manager signing off paper timesheets to try and calculate the rates. Of significance and warranting special mention are the Maternity Leave Allocation and rate calculations. We believe Zambion.com™ was the first in New Zealand to fully automate the Leave Accruals and special rate calculations associated with Maternity Leave Entitlements. This is one of the most complex areas of New Zealand leave entitlements and rate calculations; it is only possible through the use of Zambion.com™’s single source database utilising Time and Attendance and Payroll software data, which make this functionality possible and almost impossible in standard payroll software. [Top]

Annual Leave Accrual and Zambion

There are certain conditions where a choice is available between recording Annual Leave in Days or Hours and some conditions where Hours only must be used. Zambion.com™ is able to seamlessly and automatically transition between Hours and Days where certain customisable conditions are met. This might be due to an employee transferring between departments and changing from fixed hours to variable hours as an example. Furthermore all accruals for fixed hour and variable hour employees are displayed in a concise statement styled Leave Balance Ledger showing the detail of the accrual for each period. [Top]

Custom Leave Types available in Zambion

With Zambion.com™ there is no limit to the number of leave types that can be managed, as well as all the normal Sick, Bereavement, Maternity, Alternative and Annual Leave to name a few, custom leave types can be added that are driven by custom rules. Long Service Leave where employees are granted additional leave after a qualifying period, or Shift Leave for employee’s who work shift work as examples. But what is even more important is the automation that can be applied by Zambion.com™ to drive these leave types. Lets look at Shift Leave as an example, by using data from the single database it makes it possible to apply intelligence to the entitlement. Some clients grant Shift Leave on the employee’s anniversary and to qualify an employee might have been required to work in excess of a certain number of a certain type of shift. In Zambion.com™, if these customisable conditions are met the employee receives the Shift Leave entitlement automatically. [Top]




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