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Zambion.com is an international People Management software company that has locations throughout the world. Central to our success and to our customers success are the capable people who make up the Zambion.com team.

Our team members have expertise in many areas of people management including payroll software, tax legislation, roster software, award interpretation, expense claims, human resource, leave management, time clocks, and electronic timesheets.

Zambion.com has operations in Australia, UK, United States, and New Zealand is currently expanding into South America, Europe, Asia, and Canada.



Our company is founded by people with years of experience in people management systems. As a software company, there is a keen understanding that service is paramount. Although software modules offered by Zambion.com™ can be found with other sources, our difference is the ability to provide a complete, cost effective, and accurate solution in a timely manner.


Delivering timely, accurate payroll and attendance information is the key to our success. Our information systems are designed from the ground up to provide outstanding visibility and communication on every aspect of our service. We utilise the best technology infrastructure to provide a reliable 24x7 backbone on which you can depend on.


We earn our success one customer at a time by providing an outstanding, cost effective service. We provide exceptional cost savings and increased staff efficiencies to the end customer. We focus and invest heavily in our staff so they can provide you with the best service and products.


Zambion.com™ has a culture focused on product quality and innovation. Before we release new versions of our software thousands of unit tests are run to ensure that all aspects of Zambion.com™ are thoroughly tested.

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